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gas central heating

Boiler & Central Heating Maintenance

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Boiler Servicing

Central heating boilers need regular servicing to ensure they are operating safely and burning the right amount of fuel. We will carry out a boiler service inline with your manufacturer instructions and the HHIC consumer guide to gas boiler servicing.

We will also carry out a digital water test, using Adey ProCheck, giving instant lab-style test results and recommendations using a smartphone.

Annual boiler services by a gas safe registered gas engineer are a requirement for boiler manufacturer warranties.

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Heating Repairs

If your central heating or hot water fails, or isn't operating correctly, you need someone reliable and trustworthy to carry an effective repair.

Our experienced gas engineer will be able to diagnose the issue efficiently and advise on the best course of action. We will explain any issues to you and help you make an informed decision on the best course of action. Our aim will be restoring your services as promptly as possible.

Worried woman calling a gas engineer for a boiler breakdown emergency service using her smartphone.jpg
Adey ProCheck water analysis to check central heating system health and check for sludge

On-Site water testing

The most common issue in central heating systems is dirty water. Unprotected systems will corrode inside, with sludge building up in the heating system and radiators. This prevents your boiler heating your home properly and can lead to cold homes with high fuel bills.

We use Adey products for protecting and maintaining gas boilers and central heating systems. Adey are a market leading brand with top quality products. Thanks to their constant innovation, we believe they have the best products available for looking after your system. All our services include a water test and email report showing your system health.

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